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Four decades’ design and troubleshooting machinery and machine automation gives us the experience to help you solve your machine problems.  

  • Product Performance

  • Machine Automation

  • Integration of Mechanical and Controls

Design Review


Can your team see the forest for the trees? An outside view can bring a fresh perspective

  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

    • Develop lean manufacturing process as part of product design process

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • Basic Structure & Alternative Configurations

  • Tolerances, materials

Product Manuals


Most companies have legacy user instructions that have evolved over the years. They are inadequate under the today's litigious society. Poor wording or improper warnings can be costly in a product liability case.

  • Best Industry Practice

  • Proper Warnings

Third Party Expert

Assistance breaking technical impasses all companies experience from time to time. Customers, distributors, and intermediate system integrators can all be blinded to their own issues. An outsider can often bring clarity to the issues and resolve them before customers are lost or litigation ensues.

Intellectual Property
  • Patents

    • Your engineers know the product. Your patent attorney knows the law. A liaison bridging the gap can increase your protection and reduce patent costs by eliminating waste from misunderstandings.

  • Copyright versus Proprietary

    • Improper care will reduce your protection. Are you protecting your property?

  • Audit of Intellectual Property assets

    •  Handling and storage of information.

Professional Network for Support on Large Projects


  • Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

  • Test Equipment Design and Manufacture

  • Create process structure; Stage gate, tracking system, gate reviews

  • Mentor teams in executing process. Sometimes the best training is having a coach working with you while you are doing something new.

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